Turn to the ancient principle: Spirit never without matter, matter never without spirit. —Rudolf Steiner

About Us

Welcome to HIMBOAc-NEPAL

Organization Picture

The Himalayan Bio-organic Agriculture Center-Nepal (HIMBOAC) operating throughout Nepal. It is not operated for profit nor other commercial purposes but for the benefit of the public at large, promoting rural development and education in the areas of organic agriculture, bio-dynamic farming services. It is newly established pioneer organization to promote the organic and biodynamic farming for sustainable agriculture among small-holder farmers through training , education and awareness and With focus on youth, women and self-help farming groups. HIMBOAC was founded in 2010 and registered with the Chief District Administration Office and the Social Welfare Council under Nepal government act.

Services offered by HIMBOAC-Nepal include:

  • Export of organic products
  • Processing of organic products
  • Internal control system (ICS) for organic certification
  • Vermi-composting Technology
  • Bio-dynamic Compost preparation
  • Transfer of Appropriate organic Farm Technology
  • Agro-Horti Consultancy
  • Facilitation and supply of inputs for organic crop pest management
  • Training and capacity Building on organic and Bio-dynamic farming
  • Volunteer and Internship Program
  • Research and Extension services in sustainable agriculture.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help agriculture make the transition to a sustainable BIO- organic system of farming that is ecologically sound, economically viable and socially justice through information, education, research and integrating the borderer community into this effort.


Quality foods, sustainable farms and healthy people those are the primary goal of the HIMBOAC-NEPAL in redefining a food production system that benefits farmers, consumers and the environment.

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