Turn to the ancient principle: Spirit never without matter, matter never without spirit. —Rudolf Steiner

Himalayan Permaculture Garden

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Himalayan organic and permaculture garden located 14km far from beautiful city Pokhara under the management of Surya Bastola. It is a typical an eco farm and more than 500 species of plants and organic vegetable garden.

  • 2.75 acres of land; environmentally sound and sustainable eco-organic cultivation.
  • No chemical pesticides, fertilizers, or herbicides etc.
  • Private seed-bank of numerous tropical fruits, culinary and medicinal herbs, and other tropical crops.
  • Arboretum areas provide conservation space for important trees from the tropics and subtropics.
  • Eco-organic herb, spice and vegetable cultivation.
  • Sub-Tropical fruit seed collection for exchange and sale
  • More than 500 varieties of tropical fruit and sub tropical varieties.