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Barbote Organic Agriculture Farm

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Barbote Organic Agriculture Farm Pvt. Ltd. (BOAF) was established in 2010 with a vision that supports a long-term organic agriculture profitable market-orientated production and linkage with other value chain participants and agri-businesses. With the aim to locally promote organic and sustainable agriculture and to improve the livelihood of farmers' families. BOAF has initiated the organic production of vegetables, fruits (citrus, pear, guava , banana, etc), tea, coffee and other crops. Botanical fertilizers, pesticides and vermi-culture, vermi compost and green fertilizers are prepared and used in these crops. Besides BOAF has initiated goat rearing, milk cattle husbandry and bee keeping and demonstration plots for organic farming of various crops have been established.

BOAF Nepal is an initiation taken for the goal to empower the societies through scientific organic agricultural productions, encouragement of agro-tourism and eco-tourism. Partnered developmental initiatives, experience sharing, volunteer programs, and culture exchange programmed have been its slogan for transformation. The purpose of barbote farm is to serve as an example of sustainable organic farming that supports the local community and is open to visitors and volunteers.

Farm Activities:

Organic agriculture production

  • Vegetables, fruits, herbs, tea, coffee

Organic Livestock farming

  • Milk, cheese, butter, meat, eggs and so on.

Offers vocational training as well as jobs too many jobless.

  • BOAF Nepal has already declared its area and neighboring villages as plastic-free zones and it has got great support from locals. At the same time locals are excited about using sacks/bags/basket made of paper, bamboo and other plants.
  • BOAF Nepal organizes trainings and seminars in regards to environmental awareness, health care, sanitation and literary programs through formal and non-formal education in the rural surrounding areas. It also provides an intercultural eco-experience that promotes understanding and positive thoughts motivating participants to work together for mutual prosperity.
  • Cooperative base model farms, enterprises and activities for women income generation and empowerment.
  • BOAF Nepal also offers holiday-tours to the volunteers; such as village walk, cultural tour, sun-rise excursion, soft trek in the remote villages through unbeaten tracks, and an adventurous trek of about 15 days in the region of Kanchenjunga massif.

Special program:

The Green Garden program

Tea Program Image

The Green Garden’ project run by BOAF. The BOAF Nepal has a unique way of celebrating birth-day, anniversaries, special happy movement of locals and foreigners by sowing different species of fruits, flowers and aesthetic value plants in the public places surrounding its farming land to keep the area clean, green, healthy and rich.

Tea Garden Tour:

Tea Tour Image

Ilam — “Queen of Hills”– is one of the richest districts in Nepal in terms of its bio-cultural diversity, natural landscape and flourishing professionalism in agriculture, especially in its cash crops sector. As a volunteer you will gain hands-on experience helping the tea farmers and local communities to cultivate and harvest organic tea through sustainable farming methods. Tasks and projects vary depending on the season and current needs. Farm maintenance chores include soil preparation, weed control, starting seedlings, tea plantations, pruning, harvesting, processing and packaging.

Ginger and Cardamom Study program:

For the farmers in the Barbote village, cardamom and ginger as premium cash crops are major sources of income. If anyone interesting to do the research, study and somehow about cardamom and giner and currently facing problems like disease, pest , farming and so on.

Kiwi Farming Image

Kiwi Farming Tour :

Kiwi farming in Ilam has a short history. About 1,350 farmers in 36 VDCs of Ilam, among them some 450 women, are directly or indirectly involved in the production of kiwis, six VDCs in Ilam (Mabu, Maimajhuwa, Maipokhari, Mangalbare, Sakhejung, and Sulubung) are major producing district you can enjoy and learn with our farm about KIWI and can assist as your best to the kiwi farmers.

Vermiculture technology and promotion program

Vermiculture Image

In vermiculture technology, the potential of earthworms as natural bio-degraders of non-toxic organic wastes for soil improvement and nutrient mobilization is being exploited. Earthworm population in organic matter rich soils act as natural bioreactors, harness beneficial soil micro flora, destroy soil pathogens and convert organic wastes into valuable product such as bio fertilizers, vitamins, enzymes, antibiotics, growth hormones and pertinacious worm biomass.

Role of earthworms in sustainable agriculture Effect of earthworm on soil fertility: Earthworms after having properly established in the soil modify soil physicochemical- biological characters of the soil and enhance nutrient cycling by ingestion of soil and humus and converting it into nutrient rich cast. The early availability of various nutrients such as P, Ca, Na, Mg, K etc are much higher in earthworm cast then in the surrounding soil. Barbote is the pioneer farm for estern people in term of vermiculture it is necessary to promote in rural communities for better nutrient management of soil if you want you will tale the enjoy from us.

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