Turn to the ancient principle: Spirit never without matter, matter never without spirit. —Rudolf Steiner

Research program

Our mission is to cultivate knowledge and human capacity in organic and sustainable agriculture for students, Farmers and educators. We work with small and mid-sized urban and rural growers including private and public/community farms and organizations. We want to generate the new research, techniques and its feasible or not in our local condition similarly we are interesting to promote our typical natural products and processing under organic principles for international and local market from the Himalayan ground.

Our major research program includes the following:

  1. Wild honey collection under organic way
  2. Organic Bee keeping
  3. Organic amarathus farming for seed and vegetable
  4. Organic asparagus production
  5. Organic livestock farming (goat, cow, pig and chicken)
  6. Shilajit or rock exedutates
  7. Medicinal and aromatic plants (MAPs) and Essential oils base products
  8. Organic fertilizers/bio-pesticides
  9. Research on potential exotic fruits for Nepal
  10. Nepali coffee , tea
  11. Organic post harvest handlings
  12. Temperate fruits and vegetable
  13. Organic market /outlet in Nepal

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