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Village Volunteering:

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HIMBOAC-Nepal is a non-profit Bio-dynamic and organic agriculture based organization established by bio-organic experts, authorized organic inspectors, community reprentatives and supported by social workers, youths, experienced leader farmers (ELF).HIMBOAC –Nepal has been established to promote the bio-dynamic, organic ,permaculture and sustainable agriculture principles in rural poor and marginal communities of Himalyan,mountains, and Terail regions in Nepal. And to promote awareness our social, educational and environmental issues. We are passionate about community development and hope to inspire agriculture and non agriculture volunteers to assist us in achieving our goals. We offer a once in a lifetime experience in Nepal for the volunteer to experience a safe and friendly household atmosphere.

HIMBOAC offer the volunteering program in three main areas within Nepal –Ilam, Pokhara and Chitwan. Volunteer can choose to volunteer for periods of two days to Five month as low cost volunteering approach. You can take an enjoy of other programs in three main areas:

  • Volunteer as English Language Teacher
  • Home Stay/Cultural Exchange
  • Environmental awareness
  • Health and Sanitation
  • Gender and Women Empowerment

Application Costs
Volunteer Application Fees US$ 100 (Non- refundable) This fee covers for per person,the immediate design and coordination of your requested volunteer program and is payable upon your confirmation of attendance.

Required documents:
For your registration you should be provide the copy your passport, one photographs and short Curriculum vitae.

Fee Structure:
Short term volunteering program (1-5 Days)…………$ 50 per person with lodging, fooding
Mid term Volunteering: program (5-10 Days )………..$ 100 per person with lodging, fooding
Class C volunteer program (10-30 days)………...$ 250 per person with lodging, fooding
Class B volunteer program (30- 60 days)….$ 500 per person with lodging fooding
Class A volunteer Program (60-120 days )….$ 1000 per person with lodging , fooding
Special volunteer more than 120 days…$ 1500 per person with lodging ,fooding
(Above mentioned amount you should be paid after finished your program at farm. If you have any interest to support into related farm, you should be informed at:info@himalayabio-organic.com)

Food and accommodation:
Volunteers will be placed with a host family and offered Nepali food twice a day. Tea is served in the mornings and afternoons. Volunteer programs are usually an easy distance away from the host family’s home. Placement includes a Nepali style toilet and shower. Electricity in most areas is often unreliable. Host families have lots of experience hosting volunteers.

  • All meals provided without beef
  • ccommodation provided
  • Vegetarian food can be provided.

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